Apple Cider Reduction and I am in Family Circle Magazine!!

Hi everyone! I am VERY excited because my non-pofit, Parents Who Rock, is featured on a full page in Family Circle Magazine this month-p.48! Thank you to everyone involved in making PWR such a wonderful success in our community. I am so proud! Also, please see how PWR performers (including myself AND my husband)are donating their musical talents this weekend at

I want to add that many PWR performers have overcome their obstacles to performing by feeling supported by their friends and community and by practicing, just like new cooks! It can be done! Now to the FOOD!!

I want to tell you about a really easy recipe that will blow you away, apple cider reduction. I believe I have mentioned this tasty treat before when referring to how I spread this on chicken quesadillas. You may think that this is not worthy of a blog post focus, but I want you to know that it will transform all the food you eat once you have it in your fridge. You can use it like jelly, you can brush it on your meats, you can drizzle it on grains, you can eat it with a spoon (like my husband who sneaks it and then I yell at him because it took me so long to make), you can mix it into ice cream or for anything else.

Apple Cider Reduction:

1 Gallon Apple Cider
Big Pot (like a spaghetti pot)
Set aside about 2 Hours 20 minutes.

Just boil the apple cider for 2 hours and 20-30 minutes, until it is a little thick and bubbly. Stir it periodically and when it is syrupy but not too thin, after about 2hours and 20-30 minutes, let it cool and then pour it into a glass tupperware. Store in fridge indefinitely, as it is all sugar so preserves well. Email me if you have any questions about it.
P.S. Please check out my fishtick barbell recipe on baristakids and let them know how great these sound!!!


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  1. I will buy my first Family Circle (ever) this morning after breakfast at the airport (on my way to D.C.!). I wanted to tell you my aunt made me a fancy send-off dinner by broiling prepared filet mignon wrapped in bacon from Ralph's and a side of rice with peas thrown in – took 10 minutes. She recently injured her leg and can't spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen which she's used to doing. It struck me that the meal looked impressive (she also pulled out a half-full bottle of red from Trader Joe's), but had been very simple to put together. It was beautiful because of her intention to give me a great send-off even though she's not up to her usual strength in the kitchen. And it inspired me to think about preparing a (simple) meal for my host in D.C. this weekend, as a thank you. And you KNOW that will be a first for me. I'll let you know how it goes! I'm so proud of you Rocking Parents!

  2. I've been thinking of making an apple flavored ice cream for years now. The thing about apples is that they are actually quite mild in flavor and contain a lot of water and thats no good for ice cream. So I think this is a great solution to the problem. Either mix it in to the ice cream base or make it a swirl. 🙂

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