Aliza’s Welcomed Chili and a Doggy HORROR STORY!




Hi everyone!

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So, doesn’t Aliza’s chili look delicious?

Well, Her chili is what I used to lure you to my cooking blog!  Aliza gave me some of her homemade chili which allowed me to eat a delicious, nutritious and relaxing lunch during the post traumatic session I am about to describe. Thank you, Aliza!

The truth is , I really want to share a recipe for de-skunking a dog with you but some readers get annoyed when I talk about unseemly things like lice and skunks on this blog. These bumps in the road of life  are a part of life, however so we must share our knowledge of how to deal with them, as ugly as it may be.

I really need to share this recipe because it saved me. Here is where it all began:

My dog is a nightmare. He is a Beagle. He escapes all the time by climbing my fence. Last night he escaped and got sprayed by a skunk. What a FUNK!!!!! Smelled like a chemical factory exploded.

I am from NYC and all I know about skunk baths are what I learned from the Partridge family when Danny had to take a bath or bathe his dog in tomato juice after getting sprayed.

Well, thank goodness my husband’s cousin is a vet so I called her. She insisted I wear gloves and bathe him in Massengil Vinegar and Water douche and tomatoe juice.

I was all alone however with the 4 kids so could not get a hold of those ingredients (nor would I want to ever be caught dead buying a douche!). I went on line and found the recipe that saved me. I threw him in the shower with me and bathed him in:

Deskunk bath Solution:

one quart peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1 tsp liquid soap

Mix all ingredients together and pour 1/2 of  it over the dog  for 2 separate baths. Rub it into the fur with a washcloh and your gloved hands. get NOTHING on your clothes that touched the dog!

For the 3rd and final bath, wash him/her with doggy shampoo , rinse and dry off.

Now, please convince me why I should keep this dog?????????


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  1. Because he is so precious, we have a beagle, and we feel your pain. They are so much fun and get into so much trouble, yet a joy to have. 😛

  2. Great blog, Alma! I, too, would’ve tried the nasty mess of a Partridge Family tomato bath 🙂 . Now you have given us a real solution, and I will share with all my dog-owning friends and family. Hope I never actually have to USE it!!!

  3. I had to post this funny comment that Corey sent me privately!:

    Is there a way to comment on the blog using the iPhone app?

    If so I would have asked this publicly; I’m dying to know whether or not all that peroxide turned you Beagle blond? – C.

    PS- I once bleached my hair- aiming for a Billy Idol kind of look. I ended up looking like Bob Barker.

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