A Moment of Cooking and…… SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it For James

Hi everyone. I think that today’s blog post will simply be a request for cooking and screaming in honor of James Durbin and his awesomeness. I am very disappointed he was voted off American Idol.

James showed us that we can all overcome our obstacles in life. If James who has Aspergers and Tourettes could have facial tics in front of the world on American Idol and make it to the final four, we can overcome our fears, embarrassments and challenges as well.

Please join me and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily feel comfortable doing this weekend for yourself and your family and to congratulate James . He is an inspiration. Please scream while you are making that special meal.


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  1. I couldn't agree more. I am so sad he was voted off. I thought he would and should win the whole thing. He's fantastic.

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