A Haitian Breakfast and a Haitian Fundraiser!

Hi everyone! What a busy week! We had a wonderful Parents Who Rock event where I made edamame dip and my new homemade health bars for the bake sale. We raised more than $1,000 for http://www.GoalsFor Life.com and had a great time doing it. See the wonderful photos here:


and here:


As many of you know, food makes all events , especially fundraising events, more festive and successful. Why just have music when food can add to the fun?

For today, we will take a moment away from our Kids’ cooking contest to tell you about the upcoming concert and bakesale for Haiti. What better way to tell you about it than to show you a recipe by my Haitian friend, Schela, who will be helping us with the event? Watch the video above and enjoy her Sweet Milk and Sweet Potato breakfast!

Also, if you want to bake for the bake sale at the Haiti event, details in poster above, please email me at alma@takebackthekitchen.com


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