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Sausage with Rice and Eggs

Hi everyone! I made this dish with my students last week and they thought this was fantastic. Not only because it was simple and could be made in a jiffy with leftover rice, but because it made use of their favorite sausage that is pre-cooked. I hope you like it!


Brian’s Mother’s Day Post

Alma and I are hiding in the bathroom as I write this, as one of our kids (let’s call him Washington) is having a full blown tantrum. Aside from this, apparently, I finally got Mothers Day right.  Having taken some time to prepare, make reservations at a Klezmer brunch in the city, and pray (successfully) …


Guest Post-Detoxing Your Home in Winter!

Hi everyone!  Here is the latest in our series of guest posts. I LOVE learning new ways to detoxify, especially in the kitchen! Enjoy! Tips to detox your winter  In the winter, the cold weather inspires me to stay indoors and cook more. However, winter habits can also increase our toxic exposures. Consider the tips …