Category: Soups

Simple Pozole

Hello everyone! I love a dish that does not have multiple steps, is flavorful and deeply layered without too many ingredients. You can get the hominy from most supermarkets or in any store that sells Mexican ingredients. I recommend this for any cooking personality type but if you are squeamish about knowing when raw chicken …


Acorn Squash Soup

Hi everyone and happy new year!!! I have one thing to say: SOUP! It’s getting cold, we want to get healthy after all that nasty holiday food (actually it was pretty damn good) so fill up on some hearty soup! This just requires a few ingredients and some spices, all of which you need to …


Why Make Soup for the library?

Hi everyone!  I just bought my tickets for Grape Expectations, The Montclair, NJ Library Fundraiser, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have to confess, I love the library but I am extra excited about all the soups with a Dickens theme that we’ll be tasting. Three celebrity chefs in my town will be making …