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Bingeing On Healthy Food

Some of us, sometimes, binge. I know I do. I recently met a cookbook author who was hell bent on sharing the info that if we just make a slight mental shift, we can binge but not necessarily set ourselves into a tailspin of eating garbage for the rest of the day, night, week or …


Kale Fruit Shake and are You a Virgin?

Hi everyone! I am feeling so inspired to spread the healthy cooking message. I just got back from a great workshop at the Sarah Ward Daycare Center in Newark where we learned about healthy foods, meal planning, modeling cooking for our kids and identifying our own individual obstacles to cooking to provide more healthful meals …


What a Find!!! and What a Shake!

Hi everyone! Before I begin, feel free to watch my segments on Frugal Family Fun in Montclair. If you fast forward to the 9th minute of the video, you can see me with the Flamenco dancers and delicious tapas from my favorite Tapas Bar: “>;=25926 O.K., you all must know by now that when something …