What's your cooking personality?
After many years working with clients, Alma has identified some recurring themes in what keep many people from cooking. See if you can find yourself in any of the cooking personalities she’s identified….
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Alma’s book, Take Back the Kitchen: Identify and Own Your Cooking Personality Type and Get Cooking! does something ordinary cookbooks ignore; it delves into WHY people struggle in the kitchen, provides insight and solutions….
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Alma is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Cooking Coach and founder of Take Back the Kitchen, which is dedicated to helping people recognize and overcome the common and unique….
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Alma has been a guest columnist and interviewee for numerous publications including NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Reader’s Digest. She has also appeared on the Today Show, TV Land and various other programs….

Alma's Latest Posts

Chick Pea Bread (Farinata, Socca)

Thanks to my sister Alice, I discovered this fantabulous recipe that is great for those who want a substantial bread-like substance without all the empty calories and carbs. This bread is made out of chick pea flour and is fun to make. It is a bit involved so read the recipe before making it. If you identify as a distracted cooking personality type, PLEASE be careful with this recipe as it calls for dealing with

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Quick Chinese Peanut Rice

Hi everyone! You all must know by now that I am constantly making use of leftover rice. We never know how many people will be eating at home so I make a lot of everything and just keep on storing those leftovers. For those of us who are very busy, not feeling very at ease with a complicated dish, perhaps can identify as a distracted cooking personality type or a carefree personality type, this recipe

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Simple Pozole

Hello everyone! I love a dish that does not have multiple steps, is flavorful and deeply layered without too many ingredients. You can get the hominy from most supermarkets or in any store that sells Mexican ingredients. I recommend this for any cooking personality type but if you are squeamish about knowing when raw chicken becomes cooked, ask a friend or family member to check it the first or second time you make this to

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Stop The Overwhelm: Your Kitchen Is a Silent Partner

Hi everyone! I am happy to have Angela Young, interior designer, talk about how important our atmosphere is to us when we’re cooking, eating and entertaining. It’s no joke. Stop The Overwhelm: Your Kitchen Is a Silent Partner. Here’s How: Your kitchen’s atmosphere is a silent inspirational supporting member to your cooking team. It fuels the desire to become an extension of self expression through what we ideally want to see on the plate. The

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Food, Love and Psoriasis? Yes, There is a Connection!

Hi everyone! I know you probably don’t want to think about psoriasis on a cooking blog but sometimes we have to go to “places” we’d rather not in order to move forward. I met an author recently who has written about the connection between whole foods and curing her psoriasis and who am I not to share? Food and Love: The most powerful nourishment on this planet today! For 21 years I’ve struggled with an auto-immune

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